90m2 apartment with a timeless style.

In this spacious apartment, we have created a sophisticated and modern atmosphere that combines contemporary elements with touches of elegance. Our approach is focused on highlighting the space and guaranteeing the functionality of each environment.

One of the outstanding characteristics of this project is the use of marble with black veining. This elegant and luxurious material has been used strategically to create focal points in various corners of the apartment. From the wall covering in the living room to the countertops in the kitchen, marble brings a sense of luxury and distinction to all areas.

In addition, we have incorporated carefully designed indirect lighting to enhance the beauty of the spaces. This soft, enveloping lighting highlights the textures and creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere throughout the apartment. We’ve even used a ceiling cove, backlit with strategically placed mirrors, to add a touch of elegance and visual spaciousness.

Our objective in this project was to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing home that adapts to the needs and tastes of our clients. We have worked closely with them to ensure that every detail is tailored to their preferences and lifestyle.